My art is a part of an ongoing, subjective and intense life analysis and yet what I really want people to see and recognise in my work are their own lives; I want to spark in them an honest contemplation of their own emotions, relationships and of course, themselves.
People are very important in my life and, in my art they are very present. I love the lines and curves of human shapes and profiles and the shapes and spaces that form between the people I put together. Or keep quietly apart. They are anonymous symbols of feelings, types and relationships - with each other and their environment.
For me, my art is about; my life, relationships; form over content; pure, exciting body curves; beautiful, thick and textured surfaces and colours that sing - because these are the things that most excite me.

And in my proudest moments, when all insecurity and the need to be careful evaporates and I work instead in daring bursts of courage and honesty, this is what I hope I achieve.

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